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Pix4d Engine installation and Configuration

How can i get Pix4dEngine Server, and install it on my on server. Is it really good for processing large projects with images more than 35k. I have a huge project that i want to run on Pix4dEngine. 

Any documentation would be helpful.

thanks in advance. 


Hey Ahsan,

If you’re interested in contacting us to get more information about Pix4Dengine I would suggest taking a look at this form: so we can get a better understanding of your need.

I will say though that Pix4Dengine as it stands is a programming and scripting necessary workflow.

With a project of your size it is likely necessary that it will need to be broken down into smaller chunks in the 2000-4000 image range and processed separately for best stability. It may honestly be better to manually split the project into either subflights or based on region and run it through a regular license one subproject at a time and merge the dataproducts in a post-processing software.