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Pix4 D capture DJI Mavic Pro Crash

Dear Pix4 team,

Yesterday I planned to fly a double grid mapping mission in a remote area, highest peak was around 499 m AGL. Now I want to know how it is possible that the drone crashed only 10 sec after take off, although the mapping altitude was set 65 m above the peak (GSD around 2,5 cm)?
Before take off I calibrated the camera and compass, the Pix4 D capture checklist was ok.
I took off from an area approx 99m lower, distance about 400m from the POI with line of sight taken into consideration. The Mavic Pro has avoiding sensors, which obviously didn’t work with the Pix4 capture app.
I find this very disturbing as it is a safety future from DJI, which apparently is overwritten during flight by the Pix4D app. I was able to recover the drone after 2,5 hrs with a smart Dji find my drone application, otherwise It would have been lost. Luckily no persons got injured by the crashing drone.
I would like to know if Pix4D capture uses DTED to calculate the minimum altitude to set over an area or point of interest, because I’m afraid that at this moment this is not the case.


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