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Otho accuracy with no GCP' using a Mvic 2 pro


New to mapping and ortho’s does anyone know what the accuracy of an othro would be not using ground control points, just using the drone’s internal GPS. I am looking to shoot an area using a Mavic 2 pro and just wondering what kind of accuracy the end ortho would/could have.

Without GCPs, if the project is georeferenced solely using the drone’s GNSS receiver, it will typically be within 1 and 10 meters of its real-world location.

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Thank you for the information. If you were to use RTK on the drone coupled with an RTK base station (say DJI equipment) and no ground control points how much would the accuracy increase in general ?


It is possible to have centimeter-level positioning; however, please note that the accuracy of the final results will be changed depending on other factors such as the resolution of the images.

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