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Object Customisation

In version 4.1.3 preview, it was possible to customize the display properties of individual lines and polygons.

Implementing this feature again would be very useful. Whilst I appreciate this is possible in Pix4Dsurvey, it isn’t possible to combine this with an animation trajectory which is what we are after.

As an additional point, when saving the project -in any version of Pix4Dmapper - these changes to line weights and colours are not saved, so they have to be manually changed when the project is re-opened!

Thanks, Jason.

Hi Jason,

I am afraid we will not implement this change in Pix4Dmapper, but we’ll keep record of your feedback.
The properties you are mentioning are display properties and, as you mentioned, they are not saved when closing a project, even after saving it.

Hi Alice,

Thanks for your feedback. Although this is rather disappointing, we have a workaround by re-importing the point cloud in version 4.1.3 after running a small project with the same geodesy.