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New Year CHALLENGE! Show us your 2019 best drone pic and be in to win!

New Slains Castle with Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire in the background. This place was apparently the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Purposely uploading the DSM along with the Orthomosaic, Just to prove that Pix4D mapper is not just looks, this is a proof of how precise and well defined these outputs are generated.
Thank you PixD. :grin: :grin: :grin:
Please credit me and my work @4way_drones on instagram and @4way Associates on LinkedIn.

Really amazed by the posts uploaded by others so far. Amazing work. Great workmanship.


Hi all,

some great pictures out there. While I am discovering the Pix4D amazing software please let me add mine, taken a few days ago not far from Pix4D HQ in Col du Mollendruz.

Have a nice Sunday,



The bloody river


Wow guys. All of your pictures are awesome. We’re very pleased. :heart:
Keep them coming! :smiley:


This is image taken this year during bark beetle outbreak survey from one of the area effected area from Bhutan.The whitest trees are all effected and dead.


Thank you for participating and… keep them coming! We are exited to see what you are working on!
Really cool pictures!


Hi Russel!

Thanks a lot for participating.
We really love this one, but it’s oblique. Would you have any nadir one you’d like to submit to the competition?

By the way, did you do a 3D model of this castle?

Best regards.


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That’s what happens when you just dive in and read the instructions properly :laughing:

I did do a model of it but it had a few gaps and I never got the chance to go back and fly it again.


We took this shot while working on the basilica in Esztergom, Hungary.
Please credit us on instagram: drone_loricatus


This is a screen shot of the ortho from a 100 acre community college mission captured as a base map for developing a facilities management GIS database.


St. Croix - USVI


Isla de Flores, Petén, un vuelo fotogrametrico realizado para mejorar condiciones de ornato y administracion de la misma Isla, considerada Patrimonio de la Nacion de Guatemala.

Vuelo realizado por Juan Pablo Palacios Altán, de empresa Vuelo Panorama.


acreditenos como vuelo_panorama (en instagram) otra perspectiva de la isla de flores, Petén, Guatemala.


This shot and some other survey shots on my instagram @portsidesurvey

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Over the lake




The Stubachersonnblickkees one of our smalest (1km²) research glaciers from Georesearch, but the most beautiful Glacier-scenerys with its Glacierlakes in an Altitude between 2000m and 3100m in Austria. Every time you have a wind lottery comes the Föhn or not :slight_smile:


This is an Ortho from a project in the old Charterhouse called “Certosa di Calci” just outside the city of Pisa, in Tuscany, Italy. The Charterhouse was founded in 1366/67 and now is the house of the Museum of Natural History and of the Territory of the University of Pisa. Please credit @alpharobotix (on IG, Facebook or LinkedIn). The Ortho was captured with a DJI Phantom4 Pro running Pix4D Capture from an height of 80mt.


Very beautiful!
Where exactly is this? Is there a story behind why you took aerial images of it?
And do you have in IG account you’d like to tagged?


Hi @Rodrigo-Goncalves Thanks a lot for your comment, very happy you like the shot.
Indeed this area is called “wine river” due to the color of the same, it is placed in Huelva, Spain.
The reason of the color is due to all the minerals and rest of the materials used in the mines, starting on Copper Age, imagine!!

From Madrid, I travelled past September to discover this place with some friends. While they were focused on getting the color the shots from the ground, I took with me the Inspire 2. Grabbed the backpack and walked around 2km to get this shot. I was sure the texture and shapes that I could get from the air where going to shock, indeed this looks more like an abstract painting… The videos are amazing as well.
Happy to get tagged as @motivadrone Thanks again

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