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I am assuming the new FLIR VUE TZ20-R will work for Pix4D Mapper the same as the older version. Does anyone know if this is the case, or if I buy one do I need to have additional information sent to Pix4D for calibration?

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Radiometric thermal cameras display a thermal image and provide temperature data within the image for post-processing, while non-radiometric thermal cameras display only the thermal image to highlight relative temperature differences.

According to this blog post

TZ20 is non-radiometric, which means this camera is good for qualitative users, ie where the absolute temperature measurement is not essential, such as looking for a person or wildlife, and does not provide absolute temperature data. So it depends on what you are looking for.

I hope this helps.


@Nikoleta_Dimopoulou The TZ20 is non-radiometric but the TZ20-R is Radiometric…

Apologies @robertnolan1102,

You are correct the TZ20-R is a radiometric thermal camera that replaced the TZ20.