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Multiple Camera identified during processing

Today I did a job using our new system and the software identified three different cameras even if the souce of images was always the same.

What could be the reason? Should I repeat the flight?


Images was taken using DJI GSPro and Matrice 210/X4S

Below the link to the quality report

Couple things, Pix4D responded to another post saying they had a bug making multiple cameras but shouldn’t affect the results.  Is there something wrong with your results?  The camera calibration is way off so that is a concern.

In the GSPro, rotate your flight to be parallel with the long side.

I would never run Pix4D on a Xeon computer or use anything but a GeForce video card…at least running the Desktop flavor.  Different results come from different computer architecture…it is a pretty simple project if you want me to test it on my Core i9 machine.

Hi Massimiliano, 

It’s difficult to tell, could you share the images of your dataset? I’d like to have a closer look at the project. 
Have you made a single flight or were there more than one? 

Hi pierangelo,

thank you for the support.


Could you please send an email to so I can send you a link to download the project. Of course, results of your analysis could be shared in the community.




Hi Massimiliano, 

I’ve sent you an email :slight_smile: Ok, I’ll post my findings here.