Mise à jour de PiX4D Capture


avez vous prévu de mettre à jour PiX4D Capture afin d’être compatible avec plus de drones ?
Mon achat de licence est conditionné par l’évolution de cette application.

Emmanuel K. - Télépilote certifié

Hello @emmanuel-k, At the moment we are working on the drone flight app PIX4Dscan , previously available only for PIX4Dinspect users, is now accessible for all Pix4D license holders, including trial licenses. PIX4Dscan has missions for mapping, 3D modeling, and inspection use cases. It is supported on Android and iOS devices.

Pix4D is currently working on the next generation of PIX4Dcapture, which will be based on the current PIX4Dscan. We expect this professional application to be launched in the summer.

Download PIX4Dscan for iOS: ‎PIX4Dscan on the App Store

Download PIX4Dscan for Android: PIX4Dscan on Google Play