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Merging Sequoia Projects

I have a question about merging projects when using multispectral imagery, specifically from the Micasense Sequoia.

I have been merging projects that are for areas where we had to flying multiple missions to capture imagery of larger areas. I have been running the initial stage for each flight separately so each flight will retain the radiometric calibration data for each flight then merging those projects. Sometimes I use manual tie points on the merged project and sometime I don’t when the misalignment doesn’t affect our work.

I was just looking at the help page for that and it seems I have been doing it wrong! I am mostly concerned about losing the radiometric calibration as the misalignment has either never been a problem or it is corrected my adding a few manual tie points to the merged project. By not using manual tie points in the first set of projects as per the help page am I losing anything?