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Max. no. of CPU threads not considered


It seems that Pix4d doesn’t consider the max. no. of CPU threads. I defined in the processing options:

…but the task manager shows that all 8 CPU threads are used:

Whilst pix4d uses all CPU threads, working on the same PC is nearly impossible. For me, this seems to be a bug in pix4d… or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Something is very strange or my memory is failing, but the sliders for RAM and CPU look reversed from what I am used to seeing for several years. I think CPU Threads are first. I would try the top slider and see if it affects CPU. I need to check when I get home. 

Phillipp it must be my own memory failing, not my computer! My resource tab is exactly as above. But I did try an experiment. I moved my CPU Threads to 1, and put the system under load with Pix4D. All of my cores were utilized, but the percentage of each was lowered.

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