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Mavic Pro Crashed and never returned...sad day

Dear all, I was in meadle mission, testing an area 300x300m 100m hight ith mu ex drone Mavic Pro . After half mission the control was black and missing comunication…as I was over the buinlings, it has nothing to crash…so simply disapear and never returned.   I still trying to find…I loss the project, I loss the money…I loss my drone…I loss the trust in Pix4d… sorry but, I’m too sad, as I was getting a lot of planes using pix4D on my town, and showing the potintiial of this service…but not anymore.


The last firmware as instaled, the batery was fine, the cellphone as updated…so no problem with the drone…Only pix4d should be the explanation of this damage.




Also could be a problem with DJI software. Did you close de DJI software before starting mission in Pix4D Capture?

Hi Marion,

We are sincerely sorry to hear about this bad experience. The drone is actually responsible for not destroying itself and going out of control. The app tells the drone where to go, when to take pictures, and when it does not work this is due to issues on Pix4D side. But our app is not responsible when the drone crashes as we cannot give instructions that would override the safe behavior of the drone. When the situation becomes out of control, it is coming from the drone as it is the “driver” meaning the aircraft knows how to fly. 

Normally taking over manual control should prevent incidents from happening. Were you able to take over manual control? Have you tried to tap  Abort  in Pix4Dcapture to interrupt the mission or to press the return-to-home (RTH) button of the controller before the drone goes too far away and loses the connection? When the connection is lost, the fail-safe behavior that you define in the drone app should be triggered. 


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