Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced vs Pix4D


I am new, sorry if the topic has already been addressed somewhere in this community.
I am set to invest in that aircraft. I would like to know in Pix4D toolsuit is really appropriate to the M2EA model.
Thanks for the feedback.


You could use M2EA in PIX4Dmapper, and we are planning to add it to the rest of products in the near future, is being processed.
Could you tell us which use case your are thinking in order to guide you better?


Hi Jose, thanks for the reply.
Purchase of the aircraft is in progress.
My intention is to develop thermo analysis & inspections. But photogrammetry as well, even if this model is not supposed to be the best one in that category.
However, I am set to participate to whatever use cases even with pix4d if it helps :wink:



So for thermal I think you would like to read this post Pix4Dmapper not converting RJPEG images to tiff from Zenmuse H20T and Mavic 2 dual enterprise advanced thermal camera - #8 by momtanu.chakraborty.
For the RGB we are adding it to several of our products, more information will come soon.
Glad to hear you are willing to use our products. Please inform you well in our page and community, there are several use cases for each product.