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Manually adjust project elevation?

Hey all, I collected a project with my camera at about 45 degrees. I have control on the ground but the autonomous positions of the camera’s are off by about 15’ or so (to be expected). However, this puts them pretty far away from the targets so it is very difficult to pick the targets. Is there a way to manually adjust all my data by 15’ in order to get it a little closer to my control?

Jerald, I had a similar situation where my cameras had above ground level altitude but my GCPs were above sea level altitude. Just figure out the difference in altitude (15’), export the image geotags, open it in something like excel and add the 15’ to the altitude. Save it then import it back into Pix. You’ll have to reoptimize the project, but it should shift your points by 15’ to your GCPs.

Don’t Reprocess, just Reoptimze to save time, but you’ll have to rerun Step 2 and Step 3.