Is Thermal Zenmmuse H20T compatible with PIX4D Mapper

Hi all

I’ve been read some information about this topic (Thermal H20T+PIX4D Mapper) and, if I’m wrong please rectify me, and I do not have anything clear about that. I’d like to use PIX4D Mapper to process images from my H20T sensor, mainly working with photovoltaic installations, but I really don’t know if that is compatible. As you all must know, H20T is a singular camera (3 cameras in one), used only for DJI Matrice 300 TRK. Its thermal resolution is high, 640 x 512 and format RJPG. I’m not an expert yet but, as I’ve understood when I read, is not possible work with PIX4D plus Thermal H20T. Is that correct? Thank you. Note: I just know that thermal H20T sensor is not FLIR, like Zenmmuse XT2.

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