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Pix4D not converting RJPEG images to tiff from H20T

I am trying to process some images captured with the new H20T but upon import pix4d is not recognising them as RJPEGs and converting to tiff.

Images have been verified as proper RJPEGs in other software (thermal measurements possible)

Please help

Hi Ben, Are you sure the format is rjpeg? Can you check in the FLIR software? It also might be some DJI format. We have a FLIR SDK integrated with Pix4DMapper that converts the rjpg images to jpg.

Has this issue been resolved? I am also considering purchasing the H20T and use its outputs in Pix4D Mapper.

Unfortunately not, it appears DJI have encrypted their data and thus made the thermal data from the H20T practically useless unless you are happy using their abysmal thermal analysis tool. Its a joke!

Oh wow! Well, that’s good to know. Thanks for the reply Ben.

Hi Babak, the format is not the same as the other thermal images rjpeg format which is why Pix4D is not able to use the FLIR SDK for converson to tif and use them to produce thermal maps with temperature values.For H20T, you can only generate thermal maps for visualization.

Hi Momtanu. What you just said above its possible? I’ll be buying the M300 RTK with the Zenmuse H20T and I wanted to know if I can use the RGB and thermal images of the camera into pix4D and work with it.
For thermal i would want to do thermal orthomosaics (maybe not radiometric) but to see where I can find anomalies and detect them easily.


Hi, you will need to process the RGB and thermal as different projects. For the thermal, you will get an RGB map (not a grayscale one with temperature values). You will still be able to use it for visualization and by looking at the colors on the map and the color scale, you will be able to detect anomalies but will not be able to get the temperature value of that particular object/pixel.

Thank you Momantu, can you show me an example of what you are talking made with an H20T. I will appreciate it a lot.

Thank you!

Thank you for the Email!

So basically, I would be able to make this type of map but not get the temperature of the pixels.
Am I right?