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Inserting GPS coordinates obtained in field.

I’m working on a project and we used a RTK system to grab some GPS point to include as GCP’s.
The guy that was hired to get the points asked me how many decimal marks we were able to impute into Pix4D to witch I answered 9 (ex: 12.3456789) and he showed some concern with it as he was expecting at least 11 decimal marks.

Can that be an issue in the end geolocation/results?

Thank you

Your example is what I would call 7 decimal places (7 digits after the decimal).
0.0000001 decimal degrees in Lat/Long is 11 mm, or just over 1 cm.

Survey Grade RTK GPS is centimeter accurate in practice.

Centimeter accuracy is the best you can get with normal RTK workflows, and cm is what you should request.

Thank you Ryan!

I would agree with Ryan, for RTK coordinate values, no need to report them more than 2 decimal places, which would be to the nearest hundredth. As Ryan said its only centimeter accurate.