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Index Values as Point Shapefiles screen noise?

Hi there, nice to read y’all!
Win 10, Core i7, NVIDIA geforce
Processing agricultural vegetation indexes. NDVI and NDRE, GVI and many others.

Hi have this problem, when Processing 3rd step, Exporting Index Calculations.
If the crop has rows, it looks like when it transfer height (NDVI) values from Raster to Vector, looks like a zebra pattern on the values. It looks like when zooming out, the screen start to distort the lines. Can’t find the actual name of that optic or screen illusion or rendering problem.
In the following link, you can see the comparison of Raster and Vector:


Attached a collage with different zoom levels, where this “pattern problem” is visible.

Thanks very much in advance!

Hi @fedeframa thank you for your patience.

If I understand the situation correctly, you are referring to an optical effect called Moiré pattern.

This is only a display issue and the actual exported files should still be correct.

Can you confirm that the collage with three different zoom levels represent the same file? Which software do you use to display the result? In which software was the screenshot taken?


Thanks @Blaz ! You are right, that’s the optical effect.
But the actual exported files are the ones with the problem. Tried changing the grid resolution and still having the same problem. I used to make my own classifications (zoning) with this tool.

The collage with different zoom levels IS the same file, displayed in QGIS 3. (689.2 KB)
Attached y’ll find the shp with pattern problem.
Do you know a workaround to fix this issue? Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the files.

We had a look but could not really identify what could be the issue and why the file gets visualized like that.

If you find that the display issue is related to a specific software, then we recommend trying another one for visualization.

As mentioned before, we do not expect that the results are influenced in any way and believe this is something that is only specific to the display of results at a certain zoom level.

I sorry I could not help more,