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Inacurate GCP location after processing. Do I have to reprocess

I have a project of over 1200 images so reprocessing is a pretty big deal. I have 2 GCP’s that have over 2 Meters of error but the image selections look good… it’s strange. I would like to have them as part of the project to improve accuracy but I have quite a few more. If I just delete them do I have to reprocess? I know I could reoptimize but then I would have to reprocess step 2 and 3 and that can take a very very long time with a project this size. What will happen if I just delete them and do nothing? The rest of the GCP’s look very good. Will the project be accurate since P4D recognized that those 2 GCP’s had error?

If you use 2 GCPs, they are not taken into account for the processing, so they will not have any impact, no need to reprocess, optimize or anything, they are ignored in the processing. You need at least 3 GCPs.

If you want to increase accuracy, add 3 GCPs or more, or create fake GCPs via webservices, like google maps, but they are not very accurate, depends how important is the accuracy for your project.