Inaccurate 3D Textured Mesh

Hi there,

My desktop is an video editing laptop - by no means a powerhouse so I can see how this might be a hardware issue in my case.

Please advice as I am very new to this. 

Is this why the textures and 3D model look so … inaccurate? My model was constructed over 300 images from a height of 50 meters above a 350 x 150 meter area of bush land.

Note: After the flight the transfer of data from the drone (Mavic Pro) to the tablet failed due to the battery. Has this perhaps contributed to the inaccuracy of the model?


Hi Benjamin, 

It is very difficult to make any comments without seeing the issues you are talking about. If you could share a few screenshots and the quality report of the project that would help.

The recommended image acquisition plan for vegetation areas is described here: . This might already improve your results. 

As for the transfer of image between the drone and the tablet at the end of the mission, it should not create any problems, because you can still use the images that were stored on the drone’s SD card. 

First, a mesh is just an approximation of the point cloud in an effort to make it “water tight”, which in my opinion is never “accurate”.

Second, the 12MP Mavic Pro from 50 m above the target will produce a very poor GSD but I suppose it depends on what you mean by “accurate”?  Please use the Pix4D tool,, and know that typical accuracy is 1X to 3X the GSD.

Lastly, of course if pictures are missing then the results will suffer.

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