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Importing images with transparency.

Hi!. I already submit a request about this but i would like to know the opinion of other people also.

I`m making an orthomosaic of a facade and I would like to know if there is any way to import images to the proyect wich I had previusly edited on photoshop to delete the parts of the pictures that wasn’t relevant for me. I start trying this method in order to optimize the processing time and i get great results but i still having some troubles.

Problem is that jpeg does not support transparency and it fills the empty parts with white color, so when I procces de densified point cloud and the 3d texture mesh i get this nasty white parts arround the facade wich i have to remove editing de point cloud in order to get the ortho as i want.
In addition, i want to export the 3d mesh , wich is not editable in pix4d, so then i have to remove again this white parts manually on the other software.

I try to import the images as .tiff saving with transparency but again the software fills the empty parts with white.

Sorry for my English but i m from Spain.

Thanks for your time

ther is the link to the request, as i can’t add images here:

Hi David,

You should not preprocess your images in Photoshop. Pix4Dmapper gives you the tools to process part of your area. You have the following 2 options:

Draw a Processing Area:

Annotate the images:

One of these options should work for you!
Best regards,