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Edit/Touch Up Mesh

 Is it possible to edit a mesh created by pix4d and then import that mesh and re-run the project so the edits have been applied to the final mesh?

For example, if you have a wall that has errors or holes, can I export that mesh to a third party software and fix the issues and re-import into Pix4d?  And then reprocess the edited mesh, which would then apply the image textures onto the mesh?

Hi Chris,

It is not possible to edit the mesh and to import back into Pix4D Desktop after improving it. The mesh is a final output of the software and the generation only relies on the densified point cloud.

However, you might be interested in this article about how to improve the mesh with surface objects:

You can also improve the densified point cloud beforehand since the mesh derives from it:

Hope it helps!

Thank you, that is what I thought.  Is it possible to export the densified point cloud beforehand, edit the point cloud in another software and then re-import into Pix4d?  And then Pix4d will use the edited point cloud to create the mesh?

Try Mesh Lab


The external point cloud can be used the generate the outputs of step 3 only. Therefore it cannot be used to derive the mesh that is an output of step 2. For more information: