Import Polygons as reference surface for volume calculation

For consistant volume calculations (comparisons) in different datasets on the same site it would be great if we can import a polygon reference surface (or re-use previously created polygons). I know it is already possible to import polygons. Please make it possible to select this polygon as a reference surface.
Emiel Verdel

Hi @e.verdel, Thanks for your message. I think you may have found a bug, as I experienced the same just now. For a workaround, import the polygon, save and close the project, then reopen and move the polygon to a volume layer - then the calculation should work. Does that help?

Hi @Nate_Moore, thanks for the suggestion. After importing the polygons I saved and closed the project. After reopening right click on the polygon but the option to Move it to the Volume Layer remains grayed out.
I use v1.35.0.

@Nate_Moore Did the workaround work for you? In my case it didn’t.

Hi @e.verdel

We did a little more research and found a second related bug with DXF and volumes. While we work on that, could you try using .shp instead? For us, that’s working nicely. Sorry about this.

Thanks Nate. It worked with the SHP import. After unlocking the polygon I was able to move it to the Volumes layer to do the volume calculation. This offers a great tool to do consistent calculations on a dynamic stockpile in different datasets. Thanks!

Also would be gread that elevetion of measurments with one rover could be imported to have same referance al the time!