Import Cloud

Hello Again ,

Why do I delete the polygon data that I have imported into the cloud? 

it says it was saved after import but I can’t see the boundaries that I took after


Hello Muhammet,

Can you give me more details on the issue?

To delete a polygon, in the left panel you need to hover the mouse on the corresponding feature and click


Hello Alice ,

As you can see in the picture, I’m imported a very broken line. But when I refresh the page I see that it doesn’t save





Could you tell me the name of the project or share its link with me?

How did you create the files you are trying to import in the Cloud?

Thank you :slight_smile:

My project name Ap_31122018.

Can you share with me also the file you are trying to import? (via Dropbox/WeTransfer…)! Thank you

I sharing with you file  thank you :slight_smile:





Hi Muhammet,

I could reproduce your issue and we are currently investigating. I assume the problem is related to the length of one of the distances that you are trying to import. Could you try to split the long line into several lines and see if this solves the issue? I’ll keep you posted!