Import 3Dmesh to pix4dsurvey


I saw a thread some time ago about importing a 3dmesh model into pix4dsurvey. I have no idea why it was closed. I think from the point of view of program development (besides comparing volumes from two DSMs/point clouds).

Sometimes vectorisation on a point cloud can be more difficult than vectorisation using a 3D model. It happens that you accidentally snap a point that is behind the object you want to contour about. you then have to skilfully rotate the point cloud and precisely target individual points. The ability to import a 3d model would make this process much easier.

Users, I hope this topic collects a large number of votes :wink:

Thank you for your message, @mwywial, and for sharing why you find this feature useful.

I shared your request with the product team.


Hallo, any response from you guys? It is a big inconvenience that users can’t do polygon and polyline drawing using mesh grid.

Hi @mwywial,

The request has been shared with the developers. However, I can’t guarantee that it will be considered in development, and if they decide to implement it, I can’t provide a release date.
I apologize I can’t provide a more detailed reply.

Thank you for understanding.