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ignore certain areas of image

Hello, I have a project that uses a ladybug5 camera mounted to a helicopter, so in 4/5 of the shots part of the helicopter is visible.

Using the 5th clear image will not provide enough tie points to calibrate the images, and If i were to use the 4/5 bad images, there would be tie points automatically created wherever the helicopter exists.

Is it possible to tell the processing step to ignore certain parts of the image (similar to the annotation step done after processing)?


Hi Eric,
Unfortunately it is not possible to remove some parts of the images in Pix4Dmapper before the processing. If part of the helicopter is visible on a large portion of the images it will not give you good results. In a sense the pixels that are part of the helicopter are useless for the reconstruction. To obtain good results it would probably be best to find a way to mount the camera on the helicopter in such a way that you don’t see parts of the helicopter on the images.

Note that if you process Ladybug 5 images this article might be of interest to you: