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Idea: do not include areas with unacceptable overlap

I think it would be helpful, if there were a setting that would not include areas of low overlap in the final renderings. For example if you could choose to just have the green portion (5+ images) shown in the quality report in the final ortho.This would make it so that you do not have to manually crop out the edges of the final products, which are known to be inaccurate.

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When I need to remove some parts like in the point cloud, I use the corresponding processing area:

This discards the automatic tie points near the borders when I want to exclude them from my project because they’re unreliable.
The same exists for the DSM and orthomosaic outputs.

The method is not automatic or extremely precise but maybe it can help :slight_smile:

I agree with Bret, there should be a function that generates mosaic only where there is accurate output. Exclude areas with weak overlap and such variables

Hi All,

Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment such filtering is not applied but would be a nice suggestion for the future releases. I have forwarded it to the team in charge in order to evaluate it.

The recommended workaround is to apply the processing area as described in the How to select/draw the Processing Area article.