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Hi @Dronesurvey,

Could you be more specific?
Adding a screenshot and a quality report would greatly help into understanding your problem.

I would also recommend you checking the following articles with detailed step-by-step instructions :

Looking forward for your reply.

We want remove shadow from orhtophoto and all process. iF we can remove shadow. We get Good quality DEM and good quality orthophoto. Maybe we should use photoshop. but it is very slow We have many many JPEG. PLS check photo. We want to automtic delete all shadows. Do u have any idea

I would recommend you to add surfaces to improve those artifacts and use the mosaic editor. This is described in the articles sent above.
This absolutely not recommended to modify images using Photoshop it erases core information needed for the processing.
The best would be to fly when the sun is at the high point in order to avoid to have shadows in your projects.


Only i want remove shadows. If we delete we dont wait sun is at the high point. If we remove we can make to drone survey any time. We get Good quality DEM and good quality havent shadow orthophoto. I saw some matlab code. But i havent solution.

Well the best you can do once the images are taken and processed is to clean the point cloud, add surfaces, use the mosaic editor.
If you find a better solution we will be glad to hear about it.
Let us know.