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Half of my images cant be calibrated?

Hi, I new on this, so i need some help.

I took some images with a phantom 4 in a forest to make some biomass measures, but only the half of my images are been processed.

I only have this problem with this particular zone, i made some test in another area and I had no problems at all.

Please help


Thanks in advance.



Forests are more difficult to reconstruct due to the vast amount of leaves and branches that appear very different in different images. To ensure to have a high number of calibrated images we would recommend to:


  1. Process with 1/2 Keypoints Image Scale:
  2. Increase the overlap between the images to at least 85% frontal overlap and 60% side overlap.
  3. Increase the flight altitude: when flying higher the images suffer less from perspective distortions and it is easier to detect visual similarities between overlapping images in vegetation areas.

For more details about the flight plan:

Since you are using DJI Phantom 4 drone, please see our Pix4Dcapture app for planning flight missions:

More information on how to improve the results for dense vegetation areas can be found here:

Best regards,