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giving location to tiff/png from another tiff

Hi! I was wondering if Pix4D I could convert pngs or tiffs without location from a drone video to a tiff, giving them the location of a tiff I already have.

Even if I have to extract some intermediate file from the tiff with a location to apply to the files without location from the drone video it would be fine. Thanks!

Hi @erodofili, I am not sure that I fully understand what would you like to achieve. Could you attach some example files and rephrase the question?

In Pix4Dmapper, it is possible to import location files so that they can be used for processing. This way you are able to assign coordinates to images. You can use the From file… option in the Image properties editor.


Hi! Yes. Essentially I have a drone video that is still over the same area. I have to analyze the images extracted from the frames in Google Earth Engine, and for that they have to be geolocated. I already georeferenced an image from a frame with ground control points. I was wondering if there is a way for me to use that image geolocation information to give it to the rest of the image frames I have. So I do not have to georeference them with ground control points manually one by one.

As the video is still over the same location, I am not looking to get an orthomosaic. Just image frames separate and geolocated. If I need to extract the metadata info from the image I already geolocated I am open to that. And if Pix4D cannot do this I am also open to suggestions of other software. Thank you! Let me know if you have any other questions.

I am not sure that this will work as Pix4D is a software that uses SfM approach, so it can determine position of images if there is movement involved in the image acquisition. In other words, you should not be using a still video frames.

You could give it a try with a dataset acquired using a grid pattern and then use GCPs to georeference the project.

I hope this helps,