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Geolocation Details

I set GSPs around each site.

Processing with images have geotag, quality  report show Geolocation Details.

But proceeding with no geotag image, Geolocatin Details is nothing in quality report.

I want to see list of Ground Cntorol Points Error.

How I see this list when I  use no getag image.

Hi Akihito,

The Ground Control Points (GCPs) error appears in the Quality Report when GCPs are used to adjust the model. These points are measured on the field with high accuracy geolocation device.
This is different from the image geotags, meaning the coordinates are directly saved in the EXIF of the images.

It is possible to run a project with geotags but no GCPs, without geotags or GCPs, or with both.

About using GCPs:
Note that anytime you can refer to this article to analyze your results: