Gauss Kruger zone 2 projection output in DHHN

Dear people, in the near future I am delivering several land surveying projects in Germany, my basic gear are the Phantom 4 RTK and the EMlid RS2. The projects have to be delivered in the Gauss Kruger zone 2 DHHN projection and I am using Pix4D to process the data. I can find the DHDN / 3-degree Gauss-Kruger zone 2 EPSG 31466 in the settings, however, I need to project the DHHN for the z-value. Does anyone know which settings I should use for this projection?

Hi remco,
PIX4Dmapper does not support the DHHN geoids. The workaround will be to specify the offset from the GRS80 ellipsoid.

Thank you, what kind of value do I need to fill in there?

An in addition: would it be possible to use DHHN2016 GCP’s?

Hi remco,
The value you would enter into the geoid height above GRS1980 ellipsoid will depend on where your project area is located. Most surveyors can give you this information.

If you are using GCPs, then much of this workflow is not necessary. Set your vertical to arbitrary and the final outputs will be determined by the elevations of your GCPs. It won’t matter what geoid your GCPs were acquired on.

Thank you, I am a surveyor. I have been working in the area of the place Leuth in Germany and I’ve measured the GCP’s with DHHN2016. What should I put in for the output?

If your GCPs were measured in DHHN2016 then I would just set your vertical coordinate system to Arbitrary. All of elevations of your outputs will reflect the values of the GCPs.

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Thank you Mike