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Fligth plan for clifs with vertical facade and sections with terrain variations

We are planning to build an orthomap and a 3D model from a Cliff with vertical walls and other areas with the terrain with variations till the top. The issue is that the area is quite wide, and we will need to perform several flights.

We have found in the forum these suggestions:

But we have some questions regarding the final resolution of the models:

  • If we fly at different heights, then the built 3D model and orthomap, which is the final resolution ? Reading seems that is a median, but we need to have a realistic result to make precise measurements.
  • In the flight plan, we are planning to do a general plane on top, and then to perform closer flights. Is it ok with this strategy to build up the models, later on?
  • Another question is the angle difference among images, for example, in the general plane gimbal might be 90-60 degrees respect horizontal, but in the cliff might be at 0 degrees. Is this an issue for Pix4D ?



Welcome to the Pix4D Community!

Thank you for your questions.

It is essential to select a suitable acquisition type for your project. You can find more information here:

You could proceed as follows:

-Acquire your area of interest from above using a grid pattern (eventually double grid)
-Acquire your cliff from the side using an acquisition plan more adapted for 3D reconstruction

(make sure that you have areas that can be seen from the other project in both projects. Make sure you have overlap between the projects)

-Merge the two projects (as described in the following article)