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ExposureTime effects correction


I am researcher in the field of remote sensing,However, I have very less experience in the field of agriculture and photography.

  • So, I am trying to understand, initially, how things works.
  • There is, Exposure Compensation, mathematical formula in following Pix4d document which I am unable to make any sense of how it is working.
  • p′ = p^( k^2/τK)

Can anyone help me out regarding maths behind above formula mentioned on Page 7/10 in following document.


What this formula is saying is that the new pixel value (p’) is equal to the old pixel value § times a multiplicative correction factor. This multiplicative factor is written in the paper and depends on the ISO level, the aperture f number and the exposure time. The new pixel value p’ is the one that is used for the computation after this correction is taken into account.