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Error e400b. File looks weird in editor (Sublime Text)


I have followed the instructions in the support section and opened up the .p4d file to edit the Ceres info on line 35 but my file looks nothing like some of my older project files. The old files had the information where the support said it should be.

The file seems quite empty (see attached screen shot). Is my project messed up? I hope not as I just shot a ~720 image project for a client.

Any suggestions? I did not download all 720 images onto my phone at the end of the project. I just went straight to the info screen.!


Could you share here with us the .p4d file as well as the .log file?


Dropbox folder with DJI files

Any ideas? I can toss the images into the program and it will spit out the PC and DSM but there are some weird sections of points projecting into the air. Also, about 15% of the images are showing up as uncalibrated cameras.

Hi Scott,

It looks like you are trying to convert a project from version 3.0.5 (as shown in the screenshot) into a 4.3.15 version project. However, as explained in the article“Cannot-open-project”, the conversion might fail if the gap version is too big. I think that’s your case. Have you tried to open a project generated with a Mac computer on a Windows machine with the latest Pix4Dmapper version?

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That could have happened as I have a Mac at home and I previously used it to generate files as it’s much quicker. I will chalk it up to that most likely. Thank you Alice.