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Error e0063: Error with the server : I can't use trial mode of Pix4D Desktop

My windows 10 64 bit

Ram : 16 GB

I found the problem as shown below when I do log in my new account for use trial mode but show this error “Error e0063: Error with the server” 
(I used to use the trial mode in my computer before, but after account has expire and I try to create a new account for do log in , I found this error.Although I try for long time, I can’t fix it.

How can I fix it?

Thank you. 

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This error may come from different reasons. For example: 

  • A proxy server is used.
  • The computer is behind a firewall.
  • Pix4D sites not trusted in the Operating System (Windows).
  • The root and/or intermediate SSL certificates are not installed on the local machine.

Best Regards, 


Thank you sir. :slight_smile: