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Duplicate images (help, I'm new!)

Hi guys

Herewith some general questions while we’re learning how to use Pix4D. I’ll keep this thread to add new questions as they inevitably come up over the next few weeks.

My first question is around duplicate images:

How does Pix4D identify duplicate images? When uploading a set of images onto Pix4DCloud, it mentions that it checks for duplicates. Does it check for duplicate file names only? Or would it identify duplicate images that was saved with a different file name?

My most recent project had duplicate images and the quality of the rendering is horrible. Are these duplicate images the source of my problem or was it something else?

Hi @engineering1,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community!

As discussed via personal support, PIX4Dcloud discards images only if they have duplicate file names.

To start with, I would suggest checking that the following conditions are verified:

  • The image quality is sufficient: more info here.
  • There is enough overlap between the images: more info here.
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