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Am Binoy from India, We are facing Some camera model Parameter settings issue while processing DuoProR_8.0 RGB camera. Could you suggest proper Parameters.
General parameters provided
· focal length 4 mm

· pixel sensor size 4000x3000

· pixel sensor dimension 2.8µm

How to process the RGB images with Pix4D

Hi Binoy, I am copying this from one of our community posts where a user got these paramters from FLIR (FLIR Duo Pro R)

Sensor width (mm) = 7.4mm
Sensor Height (mm) = 5.55mm
Pixel size (um) = 1.85um
Focal length (mm) = 8mm
Principle point x (mm) = 7.4mm/2 = 3.7mm
Principle point y (mm) = 5.55mm/2 = 2.7525mm

The other paramters are read from the EXIF, but the pixel size is not. So that is the parameter you should be careful about and edit if it is auto-filled incorrectly by Pix4D.