Duet T

i try do project with camera Duet T. In pix4d i upload all my images and start processing with predefined model for Duet T. My results are bad beacuse i don´t know what mean a scale in Index Calculator. On this screenshot are results from Index Calculator. Do you know what i do wrong ?
Thank you for answer

Hello @hridel, Generation of reflectance map for RGB is disabled in Duet-T. This ensures faster processing time. The expected outputs from this camera are

  1. RGB orthomosaic
  2. Thermal reflectance map/Temperature map

You should still be able to click on the index calculator and visualize the thermal map. You will not be able to see the red, green, and blue reflectance maps that are why the values should be invalid. However, you should have a valid value for the reflectance map if it was selected as an output. So, can you try to generate the Index Map for Thermal_IR bands and see if that fixes your issue?
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