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Drone automatically gaining altitude

On July 05, 2021, I were flying Mavic 2 Pro using Pix4Dcapture. My drone was on grid mission (for 2D maps) and completed approximately half of its mission flight. Suddenly, i heared a beep from Remote Controller and my Mavic 2 pro automatically started gaining altitude. Drone automatically reached above 350 meter altitude, then its connection was lost with the remote controller. During its altitude gaining process, I pressed return to Home Button several times, but Drone not accepted that command. Drone was 200 meters aways from its take off point. After connection lost with controller, i started moving to its last known location but Unfortunately drone landed on other location (100 meter away from take off loaction) which was on the main road and i had losted my drone
In DJI Go 4 app, my Drone setting was
Return to Home Height = 137 m
Maximum Flight altitude = 150 m
Any one know what was that issue?
Why drone exceeded maximum flight altitude