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Does the «Initial Processing» from previous builds?

Good afternoon
I shoot camera with facades without GPS
Do Step 1. «Initial Processing»
For example, with the following parameters:
Use Capture Time 5,
Use MTP 50
Other options OFF.
are the key points,
Then I try to build with other parameters:
Use Capture Time 3,
Use MTP 50
Other options OFF.
And then restarts step 1 «Initial Processing»
Convinced that it was better than before, and
Returns the parameters 5, 50
However, it turns out completely different picture.
Opt “Aerial Grid of Corridor”, then again the parameters 5, 50 turns the picture is better.
Does the «Initial Processing» from previous builds?
If so, how completely re-initiate the process without losing MTP and Mask

Hi Dmitriy, 

We are not sure to understand your question, nor what exactly happened. If we correctly understood, you have a project where you try to reconstruct facades, but you do not have geolocation. In addition, you have modified the following options Process > Processing Options > 1. Initial Processing > Matching. And you would like to know if running step 1. Initial Processing again uses the previously generated results, or if it restarts from scratch each time. Please correct us if this is not what you would like to know. 

In any case, we would strongly advice to use the 3D Models processing template. This can be selected in Process > Processing Options > Load Template. One reason if that important processing options such as “Use Image Similarity” or “Use Capture Time” were not used in the options you described. 

Then, regarding the processing of step 1. Initial Processing. Manual Tie Points (MTPs) should remain in the project, even if the step is reprocessed. For the Mask option, it is probable that it will be deleted if it was added after step 1. Previous results from steps 2 and 3, or previous results from step 1 will be overwritten when step 1 is reprocessed. 

After adding MTPs, we recommend tu use Process > Reoptimize, so that the information is taken into account in the model.