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Desktop-Pix4dMapper weird hires simplified 3d mesh result


This is my first time using such software… so I am a total beginner.  I flew my drone over my piece of land where I am building a workshop and my future house.  The P4P generated 664 images (DroneDeploy - 1cm/px resolution - 35 m altitude).  The processing of the images took almost 60 h on my MacBookPro 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM.  Is that normal?

When I look at the Triangle Meshes generated, it is very weird (hires simplified 3d mesh)? The workshop building which has plain walls on 3 sides is now a very artistic sculpture and some trees in the foreground have been smashed on the ground while others in the background seem to be wrapped in some fabric.  Is that the best I can get or am I doing something wrong?

How can I get a more realistic 3D image of the land including the trees and the structure already build?

As I wanted to try to generate the contour lines, the whole step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index is now re-starting for probabling another day of processing… once again is that normal?

See screenshots on DropBox and new report when processing done.


I suggest you check your computer performance using Puget Systems Benchmark Tool for Pix4D. Please share your results with us once you finish testing. Please also remember that the current version for macOS 3.0 is no longer supported. Learn more Beta macOS version of Pix4Dmapper 3.0

Trying to get a more realistic 3D image please have a look at our two articles:
How to improve the Outputs of Pix4D Desktop
How to improve the 3D textured mesh

To generate the Contour lines you can do it from the bar Process >> Generate Conture Lines without re-running Step 3 if the DSM was already generated.



Thank you for the reply.  I will soon read the articles.

As I can see on their website, Puget Systems Benchmark Tool for Pix4D is only for Windows!

I have updated the DropBox folder with the reports.

What is the best way of importing or converting the contour line files into Sketchup Make?



Processing time
My apologies, I’ve forgotten that this tool is available only for Windows. 

Speaking about the processing time I can recommend you article Hardware components usage when processing with Pix4D which will give you more insight on which hardware component is used during certain processing steps. More information on each component’s task you can find here. From the Quality Report, I can see that GPU was not detected, that is an additional reason why the processing goes so slow. Read more in:

From the Quality Report, I can see that the main problem of your dataset is the number of matches between pictures which is too low. Please see the Figure 5. You would need to increase the overlap between images to prevent your outputs from having holes. 

Please have a look at the post: Importing DSM, DTM, and/or contours into SketchUp