Data bloat of past (exported) projects?


so I am archiving projects from this season and figuring out a better data storage workflow for next season. I exported all projects to a NAS so my dashboard is pretty empty except for some long term projects. If there is a need to go back to a past project I can quickly load it from the NAS to a PC and work from there.

The problem I see is that the “Data” folder in the data storage folder gets bloated (?) with TIFs, PNGs and OVRs, JSONs etc. even if I there are no projects loaded in P4Df. By looking at the files I can see that they from past (exported) projects. At this moment this folder contains 90+ GB of files I can’t use or delete through the P4Df software.

Do these “left-over” files have a purpose? Are these files safe to delete if I have a backup of all project externally? Will deleting the files mess with the software functioning?

Any input would be great!
Best regards.

Hi Igor,

if all your projects are backed up, you can delete files in that folder. The software function will not be impaired, but existing projects will have missing files, if you still have active projects and delte all files from the storage folder.