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Creating a smooth yet accurate DSM to be used in 12d

Hi there,

We are wanting to create a 3d surface to be used in 12d for volume calculations. However, with the data that we’ve produced we are seeing sharp spikes through out the DSM - when compared to other survey companies.

We have tried exporting the contours and creating a 3d surface from that, however this is smoothing the surface too much and we are losing a lot of accuracy (bordering on a meter in parts).

We have also tried using a thinned and filtered point cloud but this has been giving us spikes both below and above the ground surface, making it both messy and inaccurate for volume calcs.

We are trying to end up with a 3d surface that is consistent to the ground surface and does not have these spikes running through it (as pictured below).

Any information regarding what you guys have done to get a smooth surface in 12d would be very much so appreciated.


Hi Jesse, 

Can you post a link to the quality report of your project? This might help to identify why there are such spikes in the first place.

Do you see a lot of noise in the point cloud of your model? 

Looking forward to your update.