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Convential RTK data

In general how or would adding an RTK dataset (mtps) to a project affect the overall quality?  Can I expect a better DSM/DTM model if I add an ascii of RTK topo data to my project;  ie ditch profiles that had some vegetation cover;  Will the DTM algorithm use the RTK trend over the UAV dataset? Are there any personal opinions on this?

Hi Derek,

You can import RTK measurements in the software using the GCP/MTP manager. More here:

Keep in mind that just importing GCPs will not improve the reconstruction. You will need to mark points on several images in order to be taken into account. If you are able to identify points from the RTK survey on images then you can give it a try!

Here you can find some tips on how to improve the DSM:


Thanks, I’ve got all those steps down.  

Has implementing RTK data in reconstruction been a thought for development?  My inquiry was more into the tune that if I could implement RTK data within the reconstruction,  I would be able to provide a client a more accurate DTM representation.  Thanks for the help.

If the RTK is used for geotagging the images, it will already be taken into account in the reconstruction.
In this case, you should make sure that the accuracy values of the image geolocation is adjusted to the accuracy of the RTK measurement. In Project > Image Properties Editor: 

If the RTK GPS is used to create Ground Control Points (GCPs) you will have to mark these GCPs in the images so that it influences the accuracy of the reconstruction:

Hope it helps!