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Contour lines at different hights

Hi, I´m working on a project and I have to make contour lines on a field that has different hights. The maximum altitudes 110 meters high, and the bottom 0 meters. I want to know if I have to make a Double Grid Mission like every project, or there´s an option where I can set a relative altitude above the ground and the quad will stay at that altitude the whole project?


Thanks for your help

Hi Javier Icaza, 

The height difference between your lowest and highest point is rather large. It is recommended to keep a constant Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) throughout the project, so height variations should be reduced as much as possible. The reason is that if the GSD is too different between images, the software will have difficulties in matching keypoints between images and so cannot reconstruct certain areas. In this case I would recommend to do several flights and to adjust the height when necessary. This article gives an example: 

There is no terrain following feature in Pix4Dcapture for the moment.