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Change width or weight of line

I am using Pix4D Survey, and I am marking different piping diameters on a drainage field with different vertor & colours. Is there anyway to edit the vector lines to make them slimmer? At present I can only have one size, and they look quite thick lines overlaying the map? Please could someone advise. Thank you.

Hi @skypindrones,

Thank you for sharing the detailed information.

The latest version of Pix4Dsurvey, i.e., 1.19.0, does not allow you to change the thickness or the weight of the vector lines. However, I’ve shared your feedback with the PIX4Dsurvey team and it will be considered as part of the ongoing development of the software.

I can neither guarantee nor estimate when a future version of PIX4Dsurvey will allow you to change the thickness of the vector lines. However, you can receive an email as soon as more information is available about future versions of PIX4Dsurvey.

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Thanks again for asking.

If having the option to change the thickness or the weight of the line with PIX4Dsurvey will help you get the job done in either less time or with less effort, please let us know by either expanding on @skypindronesoriginal comment or by adding your vote.