Change to International Foot

When will Pix4d mapper support Wisconsin County coordinate systems in International Foot with the upcoming change at the end of 2022?

Hi @jkratcha ,

May I ask if you have updated PIX4Dmapper to the latest version 4.7.5?
If not please download and install the latest version and let me know if you are experiencing any issues.


I have 4.7.5 installed. The only Wisconsin county coordinate systems I see supported are in USFt. I do not see any for international foot.

Hi jkratcha,
The best way for us to assess this issue is if you could provide the EPSG code for your selected coordinate system. We pull our coordinate systems from this database. It is possible that there is not a Dane County coordinate system set up in international feet within the EPSG database. If that is the case then I would suggest reaching out to your state cartographer’s office to see if this coordinate system has been created.