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CCCI index: Custom index calculator

Hello All,
The index calculator says the CCCI Canopy Chlorophyll Content Index runs and is valid.
( nir - rededge / nir + rededge ) / ( nir - red / nir + red )
But it gives me no contrast in the colourised image?
Can anybody please help me.
Thank you
CCCI problem.pdf (505.9 KB)

Hello @anton,

The range of the CCCI Index is very big(difference between Min and Max) so when software is dividing it into different class most of the required data are in same class and respresented by same color. That is why you are getting plain colored index. It is just the issue of visiualization, If you take your data to QGIS and then set the Min and Max value to the resonable values, you should be able to view them.

OK thank you Kapil.
So just to clarify: Is there no way i can view my CCCI data in Fields?
Much appreciated,
Thanks man.

@anton, The range of the data is very wide so you won’t be able to view it with any software unless you define your min. and max. You could change the range using Histogram equalization in Pix4Dfields, however, due to the large range of data I was not able to do that. So, it looks like you have to use QGIS or other software to view it. Just from your information, there is no issue with the output result, the only issue is that you are not able to view it.

value range.