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Cartoony and Blurry Looking Trees


I’ve recently started to come across a problem where the trees in my maps look blurred or cartoonish. Any idea what the reason for this is? It’s pretty much in every map I create these days even in areas that are not heavily vegetated. The frontal and sideways overlap is between 90 and 95. The images themselves are not blurry and all images were calibrated. How do I fix this?

A few examples:

Hi Kieran,


When mapping dense and high vegetation not only the overlap is crucial but the flight height as well. From experience having a GSD close to 10 cm/pixel is the optimal height for such reconstruction. This is expected since flying higher result in fewer perspective distortions.

Having a very low GSD is the same as reading a book with very low font very close to your eyes. 

I would recommend taking a look at the article below where the difficulties in such a project are explained in more details:

How to improve the outputs of dense vegetation areas?





Hi Ina,

Apologies for the late reply. I had already read that particular article you referred to and followed its suggestions. It did not improve things noticeably. I even used the mosaic editor in some areas.

The flight height of the first image was 120m which is the highest possible altitude I can legally fly at with a drone without an exemption.

I will try increasing the GSD. However, the processing used to work flawlessly for me. I never got any of the above aberrations when I used a lower overlap. I sometimes got uncalibrated images in high density forest areas which is why I cranked up the overlap now.

Hello Kieran,

let us know if you can achieve better results increasing the GSD.