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Can anyone share a thermal dataset in the farm, better in an orchard

Hi, I have a muti-bands drone. I am thinking add a thermal drone. But after I do some research, I can’t find any thermal dataset in a farm or orchard.
I will appreciate anyone to share one of them.
I want to process it to see whether I can get enough useful information before purchasing.
Thank you.

An example dataset is available in our Example projects article. I’s also recommend you to have a look at this other article with general recommendations for thermal projects: Processing thermal images.


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Is it possible to process it in the Pittsfield or need another licence for mapper?

Pix4Dfields can only process the thermal band of the Micanse Altum camera:

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Hello! I am needing a set of thermal data that has been carried out in a solar park, does anyone have a data set of that type to share?